Stories of hope

Such a vast amount has happened since I last blogged at the beginning of March. The UK went into lockdown on the 22nd March and since then I’ve had to balance home schooling and working in the frightening situation we’ve all found ourselves in. In April my nan passed away as a result of Covid and that in itself added to how difficult this time period has been. We’ve also had happy times as a result as well. My partner who doesn’t live with us moved in to make life easier for all of us and on our first walk after lockdown (I had to shield for 12 weeks) he proposed and we’re now engaged. My twins are very excited to have a wedding in the future and in fact performed a lockdown ceremony for us in their bedroom.

Our lockdown wedding!

One of the things that I’ve found a real solace during this time is reading. I’ve managed to read more early reads for author quotes and it’s been a real pleasure to lose myself in imaginary worlds when our own has been crooked.

It seems the same is true for a lot of others as The Day that Changed Everything saw a second surge of sales during lockdown and I’d like to thank everyone who has chosen to find hope in the stories I write.

Square Graphic - The Missing PieceWhile some industries have had to stop, I’ve been lucky to sign several contracts during lockdown (e-signatures are great even if it takes me about 58 attempts to make it look anything like my actual signature!) and I’m delighted that I’ve signed another two-book deal with Bookouture. The next book is called The Missing Piece and is due out in October and is available on Kindle Unlimited. The Missing Piece is a double love story about finding the people you need at the right time and it’s full of heart in every sense. I’m really looking forward to it being available on Netgalley and I hope readers love it as much as I’ve loved writing it!

117334459_292296975174651_2373903175836803145_nI’ve also signed with WFHowes who’ve turned The Day that Changed Everything into an audiobook. It came out last month and is already getting 5-star reviews.

Alongside those I’ve signed some more foreign deals and will share covers and details on here when they’re available.

I’ve just about managed to do my revisions during lockdown and now my mum is able to babysit again, I’ve started Book Eight.

It’s been a busy and unsettling period of time that isn’t over yet and I’m so thankful to those of you who’ve chosen stories of hope at this time. Sending a big hug to everyone because I think we all need one.

Love and light,

Catherine xxx


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