The Missing Piece and other updates

Time is flying by recently. I think with my girls back at school, I’m having to cram what I can in to play catch-up. Unbelievably it’s only two weeks until The Missing Piece is published and I’m delighted to say it is also on Netgalley and getting great early reviews. I really hope while we’re all going through a period of missing something this book can help fill the gap for a few hours.

In other book related news, I’m delighted to be able to say that 99 Days With You has sold in Germany and Estonia taking the number of languages to 6! This is truly something I never expected to see happen in my lifetime and I’m so thankful.

I plan to do a Facebook Live at some point on publication day so please give my page a like if you haven’t already.

I also wanted to send a thank you to all the readers who’ve discovered my work this year. It has been a huge blessing and made a difficult year easier to see not only my current, but my older titles doing so well and dancing their way up the charts. What a year it is proving to be in more ways than one!

Love and light,


Stories of hope

Such a vast amount has happened since I last blogged at the beginning of March. The UK went into lockdown on the 22nd March and since then I’ve had to balance home schooling and working in the frightening situation we’ve all found ourselves in. In April my nan passed away as a result of Covid and that in itself added to how difficult this time period has been. We’ve also had happy times as a result as well. My partner who doesn’t live with us moved in to make life easier for all of us and on our first walk after lockdown (I had to shield for 12 weeks) he proposed and we’re now engaged. My twins are very excited to have a wedding in the future and in fact performed a lockdown ceremony for us in their bedroom.

Our lockdown wedding!

One of the things that I’ve found a real solace during this time is reading. I’ve managed to read more early reads for author quotes and it’s been a real pleasure to lose myself in imaginary worlds when our own has been crooked.

It seems the same is true for a lot of others as The Day that Changed Everything saw a second surge of sales during lockdown and I’d like to thank everyone who has chosen to find hope in the stories I write.

Square Graphic - The Missing PieceWhile some industries have had to stop, I’ve been lucky to sign several contracts during lockdown (e-signatures are great even if it takes me about 58 attempts to make it look anything like my actual signature!) and I’m delighted that I’ve signed another two-book deal with Bookouture. The next book is called The Missing Piece and is due out in October and is available on Kindle Unlimited. The Missing Piece is a double love story about finding the people you need at the right time and it’s full of heart in every sense. I’m really looking forward to it being available on Netgalley and I hope readers love it as much as I’ve loved writing it!

117334459_292296975174651_2373903175836803145_nI’ve also signed with WFHowes who’ve turned The Day that Changed Everything into an audiobook. It came out last month and is already getting 5-star reviews.

Alongside those I’ve signed some more foreign deals and will share covers and details on here when they’re available.

I’ve just about managed to do my revisions during lockdown and now my mum is able to babysit again, I’ve started Book Eight.

It’s been a busy and unsettling period of time that isn’t over yet and I’m so thankful to those of you who’ve chosen stories of hope at this time. Sending a big hug to everyone because I think we all need one.

Love and light,

Catherine xxx


A mega update!

This is a well overdue update and not because I’m being slack, it’s because I’ve been baffled by being unable to access my website for a while! I was logged in, but it wouldn’t let me blog or update the site. Because I’ve been so busy writing and I’ve been unable to spend any time sorting it out, it never occurred to me that it might be something as simple as having logged in with the wrong email address!

Now I’m logged in with the correct email address, I can update and everything!

It is quite the mega update due to length of time, so, first, the books!

TDTCEEcoverMy second book with Bookouture, The Day that Changed Everything, came out on January 17th 2020 and the reviews and response have been such a blessing! Along with 99 Days With You that came out last year, the sales are over 25K and that seems such an astounding figure when I only ever thought I’d sell 100 copies of my first book and have now gone over 50K.

The other exciting part of this is that 99 Days With You has had several translation deals so it has also been released in France and the Slovak Republic (in hard back!) with more releases due later this year. So far every cover has been really different and I love all of them.99DayCovers

It’s been beyond my wildest dreams to have my writing well received in other languages as well! Thankfully Google Translate has helped with knowing the reviews elsewhere have also been really positive.

99 Days is also available in audio now in English and in Slovak!

As well as having more books out, I’ve also moved agencies with my agent, Hattie Grunewald. Having been with Blake Friedmann for three years, I’m extremely thankful for all their support in my early career and their continued help with the contracts they have put in place.

CTreeTBPHattie has joined The Blair Partnership and as one of her authors I get to go along for the ride. I’m so delighted for Hattie, she is an amazing agent and has championed my writing from the start. And because of her amazing talents, I’m now with the agency that represents JK Rowling and runs Pottermore! I was lucky enough to go and visit their offices and meet the team before Christmas where they already had good news for me which I’ll tell you about another time!

I’ve got through another winter by writing the next book (I like bunking down and getting one written while the weather is grotty in the UK) and I sent it to Hattie last week! I hope you have all been keeping well and are as ready for Spring as I am!

Love and light,

Catherine xx


Out next month!

It has taken a while to get my next book ready, but I’m excited to be able to say it is out next month with the fantastic Bookouture. Here is the fantastic cover and blurb: 99DAYS

Sometimes the end is the start of forever…

Emma and Nathan couldn’t be more different. But when they meet in a hospital waiting room, to the sound of a ticking clock and surrounded by faded magazines, they are both terrified, nervous and alone. And they have one fatal thing in common…

Emma lives a quiet life. She looks after her disabled mother. She lives vicariously through the well-thumbed pages and cracked spines of her beloved books.

Nathan spends his days fifteen thousand feet above the ground, soaring through the air, stomach somersaulting, as a sky diving instructor. After a lifetime of having a recurring dream that he would die at twenty-seven, he treats every day like it’s his last.

As fate throws Emma and Nathan together, everything is about to change.

Emma has never been kissed, or tasted champagne, or travelled abroad. Nathan has never fallen in love, worn odd socks, or grown a sunflower from a seed.

Emma and Nathan vow never to waste an hour, knowing that goodbye could come all too soon. But as they lose their hearts to one another against all the odds, have they found each other too late?

An utterly heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting novel about the redemptive power of love and how the end isn’t the end at all… Fans of Jojo Moyes, Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain will lose their hearts to Catherine Miller’s stunning story.