Sweet September!

41594622_288749898621415_3427065065310781440_nThe summer has been wonderful. I’ve had some unforgettable adventures with my girls and my partner. I’ve been lucky this year in that I haven’t had any major deadlines to work towards over the summer holidays. The work that I did need to do I managed to squeeze around holidays and into the evenings, so I didn’t miss out on spending precious time with my kids. It won’t always work out like that, so I really appreciate the fact it has this summer.

But, oh, September! The sweet knowledge that the kids are heading back to school and I can get some normality back to my working days. It also means I can tidy the house in a considerably quicker time than I would with the girls about.

Later this month I’m lucky enough to be going on a writing retreat. Before then I hope to plan out my next novel and then it’ll give me the chance to get cracking before the month is out. I’m pretty certain September will disappear a lot quicker than summer did!

nature red forest leaves
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



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